Older Singles Have Found a New Way to Partner Up: Living Apart

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Repartnering—whether after the death of a spouse or partner or following the dissolution of a union—is on the rise among seniors, but rates remain fairly low. Note As noted earlier, most senior solo dwellers have lived as part of a couple in the past. This may explain, to some extent, why seniors living alone were less likely than their younger adult counterparts to have the intention to form a union whether through marriage or a common-law relationship in the future. That said, an increasing number of seniors are choosing to form common-law unions when they repartner.

Addendum 27 The total number of engaged women increased by a factor of 2. Note 28 During recessions, women tend to experience fewer job losses than men, partly due to the segmentation of the labour market as a result of gender. Specifically, women are overrepresented all the rage education, health care, and government, after that underrepresented in cyclical sectors of the economy: construction and manufacturing. Note 29 Note 30 Note 31 Focusing arrange the last three recessions in Canada, the employment rate of women decreased by less than one percentage advantage between and1. Note 32 By assessment, the employment rate of men decreased by 5.

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