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Although I continue to entertain the folks around me as I try to master the art of eating with chopsticks, I can honestly state that my skill level is slowly but surely improving. So far, with consistency, I am able to pick up larger items of food with ease, negotiate them to my bowl, and successfully place them into my mouth. Occasionally, but less often than you would expect, a piece of cuttlefish or a sauce covered piece of tofu will end up on the table I do think there is hope for me yet. That said, however, it is rice vermicelli noodles that continue to be the bane of my attempts at graceful eating. Those slippery rascals seem to get the better of me more times than not. So here are some things I've learned about eating with chopsticks: They work better if they are the same length The farther back toward the opposite end of the food-end that you hold them, the better you can grip pieces of culinary delight.

Acquire a cheap bottle or two of red wine, hit it with a bunch of baking spices, some citrus, and honey, and give it a little cook. There's tons of recipes, and it won't cost you a good deal to source the necessary ingredients. My take on a Rob Roy follows its classic DNA—Scotch, vermouth, bitters—but introduces rooibos tea as a dilution amount. I like the natural richness of this tea, with its chocolaty after that vanilla notes, which works so able-bodied when paired with a softly smoked blended whiskey. I follow the fraction using whiskey, vermouth you can additionally swap this for an oloroso sherryand cold-brewed rooibos tea.

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