Why straight women and gay men are often so close

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Four months ago, while working away from home on a contract, I hooked up with a guy on a dating site. It was an incredible experience. He said he was straight though, and that he had never been with a guy before, apart from messing around in his teens and was just curious. Within minutes of our rendezvous, he messaged me to say how fantastic the sex was and that he wanted to see me again. However, he is living with his partner of fifteen years and their twelve-year-old child. We used to meet several times a week. His commitment to me seemed very strong and over the weeks, our love towards each other grew. He also promised me he was no longer having sex with his partner.

Abrupt answer: Yes. Many men identify at the same time as straight but still experience romantic before sexual attractions to other men. Designed for years, study after study has bring into being this to be the case. Amusingly enough, the number of people who report having experienced same-sex behavior before attractions is way higher than the number of people who actually ascertain as gay or bisexual.

Gay men also tend to form deeper friendships with straight women, so they get the inside scoop on can you repeat that? they really want from relationships. Reddit user BrobearBerbil. Reddit user coldize. Reddit user Cananbaum. Reddit user Birtyboy. Reddit user Grailclipper. Reddit user Mattie4fun.

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