The Colorado Woman

Bad girl from 177578

I brace myself. The woman nods as if she knew I would say that. She saunters by me and pats my back. Girls have the cutest clothes. They tell me that girls are emotionally wild and exhausting, too needy or too aloof. They assume my husband would like a boy someday and suggest we could try again, as if we had failed to get it right the first time. In every single instance, I reply politely.

After that somebody, it seems, is always trying to shut her up. Now, Susie Bright comes to the University of Minnesota. Then there was the Wellesley College incident. In March, Bright was invited to speak at this best, all-female institution outside of Boston. A propos 1, people showed up, and not just students and faculty. In her honor, the Colonial-style auditorium was change into a kind of carnal cavalcade, with condoms, safe-sex pamphlets, chocolate nipples and other sex-celebratory items on ceremony. As it happened, President Clinton was in town, too, to give his take on the state of the Union--jobs and health care.