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Top stories. HomeTownSD centers around more than 2, deed-restricted apartment homes set aside for low- and middle-income families. Richard Lerner, who led Scripps Research to greatness, dies at Elo-Rivera takes over pivotal San Diego council president post in surprise vote.

Benedetta and Matrix are just the hot in a long line of bang culture stories about nuns. What benevolent of power, exactly, does a cleric wield? A convent is, from individual perspective, a kind of haven. A woman who wanted to become cultured could enter a convent. Most of her daily interactions would be along with other women. But, of course, the larger hierarchy in which the convent exists is one dominated by men. The sisters can perform certain kinds of religious duties and devotion, although the most important offices of the church — saying mass, performing sacraments — are still reserved for men, whose gender makes them eligible en route for be stand-ins for Christ himself. A convent is ultimately watched over as a result of a man.

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