Fix My Drink: Coffee breaks the northern European way

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Coffee shops are the latest pleasure-seekers' pursuit to be targeted. Where we are there are only eight coffee shops left and in the same zip-code places that serve alcohol Joachim Helms Coffee shop owner Taking the tourists out of coffee shops may be easier to enforce than tackling cheap flights and accommodation, but it is not the way to improve Amsterdam for the locals, he believes. Even though that's technically a criminal offence, the sale of small quantities is tolerated. Joachim and other owners have told the BBC their reputation is being damaged by disjointed regulations. Experiments are under way in 10 cities that allow a small number of coffee shops to buy their products from authorised Dutch cannabis growers. It's bad for Amsterdam - a liberal, tolerant city is actually going backwards, he complains. Could tourists be targeted by street dealers? The BBC asked Amsterdam's local authority what it made of the warning from coffee shop owners that banning visitors from their premises would merely move the issue on to the capital's streets. Image caption, Amsterdam's mayor wants tourists to come for its sights and museums, not its coffee shops In a statement, it said: A growing cannabis market generating ever larger profits is increasingly vulnerable to criminal activity.

This article is more than 6 years old Pret staff's free coffee designed for people they like: discrimination or a nice gesture? Staff are allowed en route for give away a certain amount of hot drinks and food free all week, he said. So what gets you the free stuff? Is it being attractive or being friendly?

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