10 shocking things you experience when you use a wheelchair for the first time

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Active Summer Fun - ActiveSummerFun on social media - is an exciting new campaign that aims to support more disabled people to find ways to be active during the warmer months. This summer we will be hearing from various disabled people, who lead active lifestyles in all sorts of ways. We hear how they are expecting the next few months to be very busy! The first story is from Cath McNicol from Teesside. She discusses her love of sport and how her active summer is shaping up. I took it up seven or eight years ago.

Getty Images 1. As I excitedly lowered myself into it and embraced the wheel bars, I fantasised about the world of paralympian glory which amateur ahead. I managed to get a propos five feet before my arms seized up and I concluded that I already had enough broken things en route for be going on with and it was time to stop. My member of the clergy gamely offered to take me absent for a test run down the road. Unfortunately, we got as a good deal as a large begonia bush all the rage the front garden before all the wheels whizzed off in different directions, I panickily jarred one of the breaks and we both got a mouthful of petals. There are by no means enough dropped curbs — or absolute pavements, or filled potholes… Try at the same time as I might, I still haven't mastered the art of flipping my control the discussion up on to pavements. Instead I'm resigned to scrunching my eyes ahead as tightly as possible, leaning ago as far as I can attempt, thinking Oh well, at least I made it past 30 and allowing whichever sweaty-palmed assistant has drawn the short straw that day to accomplish it for me.

We can all make this goal a reality by using language that reflects our respect for people with disabilities. While the language you use is important, it is equally important so as to you demonstrate your respect for ancestor with disabilities through your behavior. The most important thing to remember after you interact with people with disabilities is that they are people. Their disability is just one of the many characteristics they have.

NHS Fitness Studio Credit: As a wheelchair user, getting active will bring you important health benefits and can advantage you manage daily life, too. Accepted aerobic exercise — the kind so as to raises your heart rate and causes you to break a sweat — and muscle-strengthening exercise are just at the same time as important for the health and wellbeing of wheelchair users as they are for other adults. Whatever your preferences and level of physical ability, around will be an activity or sport for you. Physical activity does not have to mean the gym before competitive sport, though these can be great options. Activity can take a lot of forms and happen in many places. To improve your health, try en route for choose activities that improve your affection health and muscle strength. For all-purpose health, all adults aged 19 en route for 64, including wheelchair users, are advised to do: at least minutes a week of aerobic activity , add to strength exercises on 2 or add days a week Do not agonize about hitting these targets straight away: it's more important to do a bite active that you enjoy. Why you should get active Regular physical action is good for physical and cerebral wellbeing, and can be a absolute way to meet new people.

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