History of Trumbull Connecticut

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Juliusson had a collection of mixed media artwork at the Stratford Art Gallery. Her collection is called Ourborous etc. Juliusson was trying to mix some political ideas as an expression of art and color without being obvious of what the art represented politically according to the artist biography in the gallery. She uses line, color, shape and abstract form to confuse the audience and make them question what they are looking at and why. This collection had art made of paintings of bronze, plaster, aluminum, wood, and fabric. Susan Schelle also had a collection at the Stratford Gallery. Her collection was about nature, weather and the effect it has on us. Schelle explores a mixed-media style where she plays with forms and the way a viewer may look at the artwork. This collection was meant to represent the natural environment and how it impacts human environment.

The story was a very unique after that original re-telling of the Glorianna Fulsom story which was first documented all the rage Stratford history in print by Rev. The timing of the story was a few years earlier than the Orcutt story, and, the story was morphed into a tale more of heroic Revolutionary deeds by Stratford citizens than the romance tale we are accustomed to thinking of when we think of Glorianna Fulsom. A abrupt search of the internet for the names Abbie Folsom and Abby Folsom yielded a rich harvest of broadsheet articles which relating, almost verbatim, The Thompsonville Press article published in Orcutt must have been aware of these newspaper articles. The story was an earlier re-telling of the Glorianna Fulsom romance as written by Lillie Devereux Blake. You may recall as of other Stratford events the proposed annihilation of the Lillie Devereux Blake abode on Main Street.

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Citizen Americans[ edit ] The Golden Knoll Paugussett Indian Nation occupied the area of Trumbull as a self-sustaining area for thousands of years before the arrival of the English in the late s. The Indian Nation lived along the banks of the Pequonnock River in the Pequonnock River Basin and also around the natural lagoon first called Mischa Lake, after the Indian chief who resided there, after that now known as Pinewood Lake. Afterwards twelve to fifteen years had accepted, the Stratford settlement had grown accordingly much in size that the banish Indian Nation began to ask designed for compensation for land north of an east-to-west line 6 miles 9. But, relations between the English and the Indians became strained throughout the City state of Connecticut as settlements continued en route for grow and displace the Native Americans. Inthe Court at the Colony of Connecticut ordered that no Indian could walk near an Englishman's house also in town or at his arable farm on the Sabbath without being fined or imprisoned. Colonial era[ edit ] Founding and Puritan era[ edit ] Trumbull was originally settled as a part of Cupheag, the Pequannock dress up for harbor, a coastal settlement conventional in by Puritan leader Reverend Adam Blakeman pronounced BlackmanWilliam Beardsley and also 16 families—according to legend—or approximately 35 families—suggested by later research—who had a moment ago arrived in Connecticut from England in quest of religious freedom. Some of the Stratford settlers were from families who had first moved from England to the Netherlands to seek religious freedom, akin to their predecessors on the Mayflowerand absolute to come to the New Earth when their children began to accept the Dutch culture and language.

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