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So for those who struggle to reach it, having an orgasm-less sex life however pleasurable it might be can feel like a betrayal of the feminist manifesto. Orgasm is way too often understood as a marker of sexual 'success', which in itself can be part of the problem. We get the message from pop culture and porn that sexual pleasure is all about orgasm, and representations of the female orgasm are almost always reductive and performative, focusing on penetrative sex and ending in an unrealistically quick and mutual climax. Yet sex in real life is hardly ever like that. Every woman deserves sexual gratification, but treating orgasms as the goal of sex does everyone a disservice, because sexual pleasure goes way beyond an orgasm. Are they getting bored? Maybe I should fake it? Nothing shrinks a lady boner faster than anxiety. Psychosexologist and director of the Havelock Clinic, Dr Karen Gurney says sex can be pleasurable even without climax.

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Thanks for contacting us. We've received your submission. The method is one he learned with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Designed for nine years, Gray was celibate en route for better his hour-a-day meditations. As all area Gray describes is stimulated, the woman will have an orgasm, he says. Each one warms up the body for the next step, according to the grapevine leading to a blissful experience. Advantage by syncing your breathing together, akin to you would in a yoga brand. You allow that to happen, after that you let yourself go into the pleasure of the automatic breath. After that, have a hefty makeout.