Here's how far you have to walk each Pokemon in Pokemon Go's new 'Buddy System'

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The Buddy Adventure update was released by Niantic in late Trainers could feed them treats in augmented reality ARplay with them, and even walk around the world map together. To feed your Buddy, follow these easy steps:. Step 3: Select an open location in your surroundings to make an AR version of your Buddy appear. Playing with your Buddy and exploring the map together is the key to becoming Best Buddies and increasing their Mood. Buddy Levels, on the other hand, do not decrease. These are built up over the course of time by earning Affection hearts through various tasks. Tasks include walking together, giving them a treat, and playing together.

Niantic officially released the update on Tuesday after two excruciating weeks of teasing and limited testing. Not only is it cool to have a Snorlax towering behind your back when you stroll the streets, but those are very rare to find if you don't hatch them from an egg, and walking with your Buddy makes it find its own candy at once and then. We say now after that then, because each Pokemon has en route for walk different distances to collect a candy for its own arrested advance, and in the case of the Snorlax it is no less than 5km. A humble Pidgey will appreciation just 1km of walking around, of course, so it really depends arrange what you need to evolve. At the same time as you can easily grasp, the rarest and strongest Pokemons have to be walked quite far to get an extra candy for the type, although, if you have only had individual Snorlax hatched out, maxed it absent down to one candy left, after that there are no others in your vicinity, the Buddy system will be a godsend. Ditto for those atypical Dragonites that blocked Central Park not long ago. For you. World ball An icon of the world ball, indicating different international options. Get the Insider App.

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