9 Surprising Sex Toy Mistakes You Might Be Making

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Many of my female friends have avoided asking their partners to use sex toys in bed because they feel embarrassed about it, or like they come across as too kinky. Adding sex toys to your oeuvre only fosters more open, fun sex. As far back as The number is almost surely higher now, as sex accerssories get easier to discreetly purchase online. And despite its stigma among straight people for being messy and superfluous, according to a survey When to have The Talk s. Your partner might not be feeling the same lull you are, and might be defensive or feel hurt at first. Pick a neutral time when you two are alone. Ideally, you should broach the conversation on a date night while sharing a bottle of wine or during whatever other pleasant post-dinner ritual you two have.

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But, there are a few precautions en route for take when you use sex toys and some general ground rules so as to can make sure you have an even better time. Proper toy cleanliness and storage are important for the longevity of your toy and your own safety. Using a dirty after that deteriorated toy is honestly just bad-mannered to your genitals—and it can hypothetically also leave you at risk designed for health issues like urinary tract infections if bacteria on a toy makes its way into your urethra. Accidentally, SELF already has a guide en route for the care and keeping of your toys , which is where you can get all the details a propos exactly how to keep your femininity toys as pristine as possible.

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