Matthew McConaughey: Detective Rust Cohle

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Its original source is unknown to me. This dream evidently made a deep impression upon the lady, since she went so far as to imitate it, i. The preliminary conditions of this typical dream were as follows: A father had been watching day and night beside the sick-bed of his child. After the child died, he retired to rest in an adjoining room, but left the door ajar so that he could look from his room into the next, where the child's body lay surrounded by tall candles. An old man, who had been installed as a watcher, sat beside the body, murmuring prayers.

Abide charge! Sure, we all have regrets for things we've done, mistakes made and opportunities lost. But if we make a conscious decision every calendar day to minimize those regrets, we bidding lead a happier more fulfilling animation. And hopefully those around us bidding as well. These sixteen ways en route for live a happier more fulfilling animation come from my past and acquaint with experiences from getting it right, at the same time as well as getting it wrong. They are delivered in no particular array.