“He Enjoys Giving her Pleasure”: Diversity and Complexity in Young Men’s Sexual Scripts

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All the rage the fall of , I stood in a crowded auditorium as a parade of women described to regulators at the U. Food and Medicine Administration how their libidos had been whittled down to a fraction of their former power. For some it was a gradual decline. Such complaints are commonly chalked up to lady biology.

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Morrison: ude. We used these narratives en route for produce brief sexual script scenarios describing typical sexual situations, as well at the same time as conventional survey items assessing sexual behavior themes. In the second study, we administered the scenarios and theme items to an ethnically diverse, national appraise of heterosexually-active young men in an online survey. We also discuss the need for measures of sexual accepted wisdom that better integrate perceptions and expectations about the partner as well at the same time as the self in relation to the partner, rather than solely self-assessed traits.