Why is my leg shaking?

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Takeaway Why do we shiver? Your body regulates its responses to heat, cold, stress, infection, and other conditions without any conscious thought. And when you get cold, you shiver automatically. A shiver is caused by your muscles tightening and relaxing in rapid succession. Responding to a cold environment, however, is only one reason why you shiver. Illness and other causes can also make you shake and shiver. Read on to learn more about shivering. There are many things that can make you shiver.

A rare type of tremor, called basic orthostatic tremor , specifically affects the legs. People with this condition advertisement a sudden tremor upon standing. This may be a variant of basic tremor , which is a brand of genetic tremor, but doctors accomplish not know what causes it. A number of medications may help act towards the symptoms.

Equally diagnoses have the same underlying changes in the brain and, over age, people with either diagnosis develop akin symptoms. The difference lies largely all the rage the timing of cognitive thinking after that movement symptoms. In DLB, cognitive symptoms develop within a year of advance symptoms. People with DLB have a decline in thinking ability that can look somewhat like Alzheimer's disease. Although over time, they also develop advance and other distinctive symptoms of LBD. In Parkinson's disease dementia, cognitive symptoms develop more than a year afterwards the onset of movement symptoms designed for example, tremor or muscle stiffness. Parkinson's disease dementia starts as a advance disorder, with symptoms such as slowed movement, muscle stiffness, tremor, and a shuffling walk.

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