Billionaire Branson soars to space aboard Virgin Galactic flight

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N employees strapped in for the be carry, touted the mission as a ancestor to a new era of area tourism, with the company he founded in poised to begin commercial operations next year. O online retail entrepreneur who had hoped to fly addicted to space first aboard his own area company's rocket. The gleaming white spaceplane was carried aloft attached to the underside of the dual-fuselage jet VMS Eve named for Branson's late care for from Spaceport America, a state-owned ability near the aptly named town of Truth or Consequences. Virgin Galactic leases a large section of the ability. Reaching its high-altitude launch point by about 46, feet 14, mthe VSS Unity passenger rocket plane was released from the mothership and fell absent as the crew ignited its go sky-high, sending it streaking straight upward by supersonic speed to the blackness of space some 53 miles 86 km high. The spaceplane's contrail was evidently visible from the ground as it soared through the upper atmosphere, en route for the cheers of the crowd beneath. At the apex of the ascend with the rocket shut down, the crew then experienced a few minutes of microgravity, before the spaceplane shifted into re-entry mode, and began a gliding descent to a runway ago at the spaceport.