America's Favorite Position Is

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By Amanda Chatel Dec. But according to a new study by DrEd, an online doctor service, favorite sex positions extend past gender, with each country having they're preferred way of doing it. DrEd asked more than 2, people throughout the U. Sitting at the top of the list, with 35 percent of the vote, is the doggy style position. Coming in second place, and not a close second either with Rounding out the top three, at While we already know that doggy style, missionary, and cowgirl come in the top three spots, the other favorite positions with only single digit percentages are, in descending order, holding legs up, 69, spooning, reverse cowgirl, oral, anal, and then good old tabletop in last place. Tables everywhere are taking this very personally, I'm sure.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this clause. Best sex positions of all age From the Supernova to Splitting Cane Now, time to try them altogether With loadsa skin-on-skin contact and wildly intense eye contact, missionary can be an amazing experience for you equally. Lift your legs onto your partner's shoulders to make it even add intense. Sofie Birkin 2 of 41 Best sex positions - Downward doggy style A simple variation on abiding doggyall you need to do at this juncture is bend your elbows and balance them on a pillow, instead of propping yourself up on your hands. Cosmopolitan UK 3 of 41 Finest sex positions - 69 The 69 is a classic for a aim, as it's all about mutual, coincident pleasure. The 'top' simply straddles the 'bottom' partner, and you can equally give and receive oral sex by the same time. Not much also you could want, really.