Megan Thee Stallion's Hot Girl Summer is for everyone. Here's how to join the fun.

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The term really has set the internet ablaze, and has become part of the day-to-day vocabulary for millennial and Gen-Z women across the globe. With good reason too. That thing is catchy! The view where the bachelor lifestyle is glorified, while women are forced to fear the judgement and criticism that will come with entertaining someone under similar pretences, or dressing a certain way, or simply for having a voice. Society has single handedly managed to suppress a whole gender by using written and unwritten rules, mental restrictions and emotional shackles on women living in a way that was only acceptable for men.

How do you think of yourself? Accomplish you love who you are? Accomplish you feel strong and confident all the rage yourself? Then you definitely need a Hot Girl Summer more than a person else. But what can a Angry Girl Summer do for you? You can have a hot girl summer from your home or from your office, from a bus during your commute to work or from your car stuck in traffic on the way to pick up your kids. But what about [insert scary annoying political news here]? What about it? In a time in which all is stressing you out, the finest thing you can do is boost your proverbial batteries and encourage all around you to do the alike.

This is a fact, regardless of whether you know why or where it came from. It just is: Ascertain it, know it, live it, adoration it. Just lean into it, akin to falling asleep on the beach afterwards two spiked seltzers. Here are answers to seven additional questions you capacity have, including whether you yourself be able to have a hot girl summer. Spoiler: You can! To understand hot child summer, one must first understand the original Hot Girl. But it was her fans who brought hot child summer to life. But, like, can you repeat that? is hot girl summer?

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