60 UNIQUE Things To Do in Canmore Alberta : Locals Travel Guide

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Ahead of we moved to Canmore, we researched all the best things to accomplish in Canmore like you! Canmore has many attractions, great restaurants, and amazing views to offer visitors, especially designed for such a small Canadian mountain city. Seriously, every time I just amble out of the grocery store at this juncture, I am blown away by the in-your-face mountain views. It also has managed to retain some down-to-earth accessory that Banff lost years ago at the same time as it sees millions of tourists a year.

Pets are welcome here, too! Renovated ability facilities include a gym with Peloton bikes, an indoor pool and a hot tub; challenge yourself to aerobics session or take a refreshing bathe before relaxing with a hot bathe. Looking to host a meeting before social event? Our hotel offers the largest full-service conference space in Canmorewith 10 venues and over 10, accord feet of flexible space. Though not required to stay at the bar, proof is required to visit the restaurant. As well, masks are binding in most indoor spaces.