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This is Carolyn. Like many kids her age, Carolyn loves animals, castles, and building with blocks. She is helpful to her mom and dad and even to her baby brother. Carolyn started a new school this year. She thinks her teacher seems nice and she is getting to know her classmates. The other students are curious about Carolyn because she uses a wheelchair.

Wheelchair rugby originally murderballand known as court rugby in the United States is a team sport for athletes along with a disability. It is practised all the rage over twenty-five countries around the earth and is a summer Paralympic sport. The US name is based arrange the requirement that all wheelchair rugby players need to have disabilities so as to include at least some loss of function in at least three limbs. Although most have spinal cord injuries, players may also qualify through compound amputationsneurological disorders or other medical conditions. Players are assigned a functional aim in points, and each team is limited to fielding a team along with a total of eight points. Wheelchair rugby is played indoors on a hardwood court, and physical contact amid wheelchairs is an integral part of the game.

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