D. H. Lawrence

Gypsy woman 666031

On March 22,dispatchers received a series of calls reporting a woman who was frantically trying to stop cars on a street for help in Elephant Butte, New Mexico. The woman, Cynthia Vigil, was naked barring a dog collar attached to her neck. Describing her harrowing ordeal to Oxygen's Killer CouplesVigil, who had been a sex worker from Albuquerque, explained to Killer Couples producers that she had gone to Ray's RV for a date. Once the door was shut, he took out a badge and said he was an undercover police officer. Vigil was tasered, drugged, blindfolded and chained to a bed. She heard the click of a tape recorder, and then Ray's instruction tape played. A voice started out by saying: Okay, bitch. Vigil passed out from the pain, but managed to later escape after Ray accidentally left a key ring on a nightstand. Vigil was bashed on the head with a lamp by Ray's girlfriend Cindy as she was unlocking her chains and attempting to flee.