How To Avoid Drama In Your Relationship

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I grew up in a chaotic, violent household followed by some painful unsuccessful relationships, which has always made me crave stability and safety more than anything — when I see a man, the most important qualities I look for are kindness, calmness and maturity. Lisa Firestone, PhD. While most of us claim to be looking for true love, with real compatibility, and no drama, there are often unconscious influences, thoughts, and behaviors leading us to just the opposite. She also says:. People seek what is familiar. If our past was filled with feelings of rejection or inadequacy, we are drawn to scenarios in which we feel the same way as adults.

They all appear to be drawing arrange a common understanding of what is meant by drama in a affiliation. Fair enough , you think. Who wants that? Who wants to be with someone who causes trouble designed for the sake of it? But can you repeat that? do they really mean by drama?

We all like drama. Drama makes you feel alive. You like the blast of not knowing, the butterflies all the rage your stomach and the shutter all the rage your heart. You might have constant said « Why do I all the time attract the same kind of people? You keep dating - if it even gets to this point - people who are unavailable.

I used to think that true adoration should be passionate and intense. Ahead of him, I took well over a year off from dating anyone acutely because my ex-boyfriend might decide he wanted me back, and he called every month or so to assessment in. After all, he said he loved me. This was all actual exciting compared to my life by the office. It was very distracting as well.