Come a Little Bit Closer

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Kentucky rockers Cage the Elephant release their third album, Melophobiatomorrow. Recorded in Nashville with longtime producer Jay Joyce, Melophobia marks a new direction for the band, both musically and lyrically. We sat down with lead singer Matt Shultz to discuss lyrical experiments, art, and honesty in songwriting. Melophobia is by definition fear of music. What does the name mean to you?

But, it becomes even more fun but the lyrics of the song are relatable. I mean wlw songs: as a result of women, about loving women. Lucky designed for all of us, there are a lot of artists with queer after that lesbian songs. This indicates that this list with queer female and lesbian music can really go on ceaselessly. But I stopped myself and chosen the songs that are, if it is up to me, pretty freaking gay. So if you want en route for sing along next time, you allow to know these 35 wlw songs by queer and lesbian artists. Altogether of these wlw and lesbian songs can be found on the astonishing female and lesbian playlist I made on Spotify.

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