16 Signs You Should Probably Break Up

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Although it can be worth it to put your all into keeping a relationship alive, sometimes it's time to wave the white flag. You shouldn't see that as anything close to a failure! Instead, breaking up so you can find someone who's right for you means you're brave, empowered, and a whole host of other flattering adjectives. And keep in mind that most of the items on this list are by no means set in stone—these things vary from couple to couple. But no matter what, the following 16 signs you may want to break up are definitely worth paying attention to. If sex seems as appealing as having your next five dentist appointments in one go. Every long-term relationship has its ups and downs.

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Next your instinct can certainly direct you toward the best path for you. Not always. Science suggests intuition be able to be a valuable tool in a few circumstances. It seems those gut feelings do mean something, and they be able to often help you make good choices. Ever experienced a nagging feeling of unease about a situation? Suddenly felt suspicious about someone you just met? Gut feelings can evoke a array of sensations, some not unlike the physical feelings associated with anxiety.