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What do you say to people who you don't know that want to meet for coffee, pick your brain, talk about the app they are developing, business solution they are offering, and more What do you do and why? Are there any tips on saying yes and managing meetings or no and handling gracefully? Top 10 tips from Members: 1. Set up a phone call instead: I think the person you're helping profits more from the back-and-forth of a telephone call, and it's actually less time-consuming and taxing for you than drafting an e-mail. It's easy to keep a call to minutes, especially if you preface the conversation with your time constraint and then at one point politely beg your leave, e. If the person you're talking to is interesting, impressively prepared, or presents a mutually beneficial relationship, you can propose a follow-up via e-mail, a coffee, another call, etc. Anyway, that's how I finally figured out how to handle an avalanche of career networkers in my past corporate life, thus my argument for the quick call over the e-mail.

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