BAD LOVE: Laura's very short erotic BOAD BOY adventures : Burn Baby Burn Book 11

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Both aspects, in various configurations, characterize everything that occurs in a life. Events which may be widely divergent in their bearing on life as a whole may nonetheless be quite similar to one another; or they may be incommensurate in their intrinsic meanings but so similar in respect to the roles they play in our total existence as to be interchangeable. The one receives the designation denied the other because of this difference in the relation to the whole of our life. More precisely, the most general form of adventure is its dropping out of the continuity of life. What we call an adventure stands in contrast to that interlocking of life-links, to that feeling that those countercurrents, turnings, and knots still, after all, spin forth a continuous thread. An adventure is certainly a part of our existence, directly contiguous with other parts which precede and follow it; at the same time, however, in its deeper meaning, it occurs outside the usual continuity of this life. Nevertheless, it is distinct from all that is accidental and alien, merely touching life's outer shell. While it falls outside the context of life, it falls, with this same movement, as it were, back into that context again, as will become clear later; it is a foreign body in our existence which is yet somehow connected with the center; the outside, if only by a long and unfamiliar detour, is formally an aspect of the inside. Everyone knows how quickly we forget dreams because they, too, are placed outside the meaningful context of life-as-a-whole.

The author knows how to write, is able to develop an interesting account and manages to give his characters adequate depth. What I liked above all about this work is the big screen noir-like setting: A private investigator looking for a lost girl, searching designed for her in North Africa and experiencing criminal and amorous adventures. Regarding his numerous sexual encounters, the descriptions acquire somehow repititive, but are well after that voluptuously written - from a manly perspective. I don't know if women will like this book much at the same time as there is one hero who has sex with a lot of women, but at least it's a candid description of the sexual fantasies of a male author who is able in writing. This book earns the denomination 'literature' - in the erotic genre, this label is not accordingly often to find. I had agitate following what was happening, except so as to there was a lot of femininity, talking about sex and thinking a propos sex.

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Condom or not, modern couplings are self-protective: the very casualness of it altogether is indicative of timidity and an unwillingness to hazard serious engagement. Ache, devotion, sacrifice, danger have disappeared after that with them has gone amplitude of soul, the full sweep that connects the depths of our being along with the heights. With the natural lines of communication between the low after that the high severed by debunkers akin to Freud and Nietzsche , eros undergoes a kind of detumescence. The better end of the erotic experience is no longer recognized as such. Around is now no point of acquaintance between the real concerns of individuals who in their untutored way carry on still to seek human connection after that the academic theories foisted upon them.

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