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French shoe designer Christian Louboutin has claimed to have discovered the real aim his high heels are so accepted with women: they can give you an orgasm. Mimicking the arched affect of a woman's foot at the all-important moment, he says: So putting your foot in a heel, you are putting yourself in a maybe orgasmic situation. Pull the other lap, Christian! Sadly, today's stilettos are add likely to cause bunions or batter toe than the Big O, according to chiropodists anyway. Still, say it were true, it might explain why Louboutin-lovers Victoria Beckham, Blake Lively after that Sarah Jessica Parker seem only also happy to suffer in six-inch stilts. When my own husband first adage the shoes, he encouraged me en route for buy two pairs! In one analyse of 66 women under 50, Italian urologist Dr Maria Cerruto found so as to high heels directly work the amusement muscles pelvic floor muscles which are linked to an orgasm. After Men's Health magazine reported on the ambiguity of women climaxing in the aerobics studio, gym bunnies from all over complete that they had experienced a 'coregasm'.

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