Overly Serious Coping

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It's an overflowing energy. That's why children can laugh and their laughter is total. Their whole body is involved in it - when they laugh you can see their toes laughing. The whole body, every cell, every fiber of the body, is laughing and vibrating. They are so full of health, so vital; everything is flowing. A sad child means an ill child, and a laughing old man means he is still young. Even death cannot make him old, nothing can make him old. His energy is still flowing and overflowing, he is always flooded. Laughter is a flooding of energy.

Accomplish you have overly-serious coping? What does that even mean? A dictionary characterization of serious is showing deep accepted wisdom, not joking, or a situation so as to requires careful thought. An example of serious is wearing a full agree with to a casual dinner; serious apparel. But there are also times en route for be playful and teasing.

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