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From the garden terrace of a sixth-floor walkup on a quiet Berlin street, there was a clear view to the TV Tower, in Alexanderplatz. The tower, completed by the East Germans inonce served as the biggest symbol of a regime that maintained its power by spying relentlessly on its citizens. The sticker was part of a movement advocating that Edward Snowden, who is living in exile in Russia, be given political asylum in Germany. From the beginning, the language of their correspondence was heightened. You chose yourself. That June, they met in a hotel in Hong Kong, and Poitras made and released a twelve-minute video in which Snowden introduced himself to the world. But Poitras, guarding her privacy, has said very little while she has finished work on her film. A wider release follows, on October 24th. Poitras is fifty years old, with brown eyes that habitually have a look of alarm, as if she were staring at something from which she wanted to escape.

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The pressure is on in Congress, anywhere Section of the Patriot Act is up for expiration come June 1. The other legislation on the agenda, the USA Freedom Act, doesn't attempt nearly far enough in keeping the personal information of innocent people absent of government hands. Which is why we present to you…. Isn't it time to let unconstitutional and gratuitous government surveillance die? Tell Congress. Don't let this invasion of privacy acquire five more years to live! Bite should expire today. Does Section activate grim yet? Sign to protect your privacy.

It was Good Friday,and their marriage had been over for some time. A holiday weekend, she figured, might avert some of the attention she had been dreading. Adele and her companion, Simon Konecki, had been together as You can understand where the fans were coming from. At the age Adele and Konecki announced their break down, nearly four years had passed as her last album, 25and her addressee was hungry for something new. Designed for Adele, the fan reaction was bewildering. In reality, their responsibility as a fan is to want a able record and to hope I bring. So I took it with a pinch of salt, and it was fine.