Keeping Up With Being Kept

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Besides sex -- other reasons men cheat Story Highlights Survey: Ninety-two percent of men said it wasn't primarily about the sex Eighty-eight percent of men surveyed said other women were no better looking Only 7 percent of men who strayed told their wives without being asked Expert Gary Neuman shares the cheating signs you could be missing Next Article in Living » OPRAH. Gary Neuman, it's estimated that one in 2. Gary Neuman tells Oprah Winfrey there are unobtrusive ways of finding out if a husband is cheating. Gary documented these findings -- and many others -- in a groundbreaking new book. To write The Truth About Cheating, Gary surveyed hundreds of faithful and cheating husbands to uncover the real reason some men stray. Gary says his work as a marriage counselor inspired him to write this book. I said, 'Well, let's get really down and dirty and find out what we can do to save marriages and make them better.

Be deficient in of mutual interest, lack of common words and actions, lack of common values, lack of mutual love, anxiety, trust, and respect and lack of mutual feelings and relationship. The harder you work at what is before now on an imbalanced and unhealthy balance is the less mutual it becomes, especially as what you feel after that do becomes distorted. How can this be? When I was with the guy with the girlfriend, believing so as to he felt the same kept me floating for several months. Where was the love? Where was the happiness?

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