20 Ways to Boost Your Baby's Brain Power

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As a parent, your kids are the light of your life. Even if you love them to bits and enjoy the time you spend together, instances that require you and the kids to remain indoors are more likely to leave you frazzled than calm, collected and resourceful. School and extracurricular activity time aside, it can be difficult to find time to impart necessary life skills to your children. The best time for doing this is during the holiday season, or during unexpected breaks in their school schedule. Simple things like learning how to type, how to surf the internet safely, how to do simple cooking, doing basic cleaning around the houseor even using a knife safely when eating are important. You can also do fun things like playing the piano, hula hooping, or singing.

Detect our child care centers, preschools, after that schools near you. Imagination is analytical in child development. Find parenting tips to help nurture and encourage creativeness in your kids! Cleo, a 4-year-old preschool child, excitedly told her Mom,