Next Woman Up: Lara Juras EVP and Chief People and Culture Officer of the Minnesota Vikings

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A survey of Harvard Business School graduates sheds new light on what happens to women—and men—after business school. A comprehensive survey of Harvard Business School graduates—men and women—suggests that the conventional wisdom about women and leadership needs to be rethought. A lot of ink has been spilled on these topics, and both individuals and organizations have focused on gender gaps in business and other sectors. Can anything more be said? We trained our analytical lens on these graduates for two reasons. First, attending a top-tier business school is a reasonable indication of high levels of achievement, talent, ambition, and promise, and by looking at men and women who graduated from the same school, we had a level playing field for gender comparisons. Second, HBS graduates are trained to assume leadership positions, so their attitudes and experiences—interesting in their own right—shape the policies, practices, and unwritten rules of their organizations. Harvard MBAs value fulfilling professional and personal lives—yet their ability to realize them has played out very differently according to gender. We surveyed more than 25, HBS graduates altogether; in this article we focus on MBAs, by far the largest proportion.

Women are rising up the ranks all over professional football, earning positions of ability in a space that for also long was ruled almost exclusively as a result of men. We're seeing more and add women breaking barriers in the sport, but what are the stories afar the headlines? Who are the women shaping and influencing the NFL today? Answering those questions is the ambition of the Next Woman Up chain. Without further ado, we introduce:. It's hard to admit in these a few conversations that it was probably accident. Fast forward a year or accordingly, when the Tigers were getting about to to open Comerica Park, they were looking for their first human resources person and they asked me but I knew anyone with union be subject to. I told them I didn't allow any but could find someone.

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