Can You Get Too Much REM Sleep? Are You Getting Enough?

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Checking your phone right before bed is not doing your sleep any favors. The problem is more than just annoying. He is also the author of The Power of Whena book on understanding your body clock and circadian rhythms. Anxious thoughts and rumination can also keep you awake, of course. Breus says. Ditch the Devices Sleep doctors have been telling you for years to stop using smartphones, laptops, and tablets right before bed for good reason. This habit makes the cycle of ruminating about bothersome or unpleasant news that much worse, Dr. Chan says.

Are You Getting Enough? Getting enough REM sleep is an essential part of keeping your brain and body beneficial and optimizing daily performance. So, how much REM sleep do we need? Within each cycle, the REM act usually comes last, following light after that deep sleep. Your first period of REM sleep is generally only a few minutes long.

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Benzodiazepines Opioid medications Caffeine is the compost found in coffee, tea, and a lot of other beverages. Caffeine may reduce absorbed sleep. This effect can even come about hours after you consume it. Benzodiazepines, the class of tranquilizer drugs so as to includes Valium diazepammay also reduce absorbed sleep. Opioid medications can have the same effect. Some medications may add to deep sleep. These include: Marijuana Lithobid lithium Trazodone is an older antidepressant that is often used as a sleep aid.

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