Top 10 Most Beautiful Portraits Of Blue Eyed People

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Blonde hair and blue eyes is the epitome of perfection for some new parents in the US. While mom and dad are busy looking into those beau New parents can't get enough of staring into those baby blues. While mom and dad are busy looking into those beautiful new eyes, they're probably completely unaware of the fascinating facts that their baby's eye color tells them. It's hard to imagine that eye color has to do with anything, but there are some interesting facts and tendencies that babies with blue eyes have. There seem to be some genetic factors that connect blue eyes with certain personality traits, diseases, ancestry, and instincts. In fact, the levels of melanin in a new baby's body can affect everything from skin cancer risk to reaction times, of all things. These facts about babies born with blue eyes are simply fascinating and point to an intricate interconnection among genes that affect both eye color and countless other traits.

Azure is such a vivid color so as to people who have that type of colored eyes look very youthful, alluring, and adorable. That is why azure is the most popular color after it comes to portraying people. Along with their sharp look, they can affectionate you up and cool you along at the same time. That is simply amazing! Below you will achieve 10 portraits of women, men, after that children that will leave you breathless! According to many surveys also, men tend to prefer brunette with azure eyes. Sorry blonds. Only looking by the stats.

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