Granny Panties of Yore Reinvented for a New Customer

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How the Mafia is Causing Cancer Vaginal odor might be the last taboo for the modern woman. The companies behind these products know that many women are looking for ways to counter embarrassing and debilitating symptoms such as vaginal odor and discharge. Nearly one-third of U. The sad truth is that these sprays, soaps, and wipes will not fix the problem. They will—in many cases—actually make it worse. But while women try to mask embarrassing smells, a more sinister truth also remains under cover: The bacteria responsible are putting millions of women, and their unborn babies, at risk from serious health problems. As warm, moist canals exposed to all sorts of things including penises, babies, and dirt, most mammalian vaginas harbor a diverse mix of bacteria. However, for many women, one or another species of Lactobacillus has become the dominant bacterial resident. Lactobacillus bacteria pump out lactic acid, which keeps the vaginal environment at a low, acidic pH that kills or discourages other bacteria, yeast, and viruses from thriving.

After that the variations are endless. Some ancestor have a lucky pair, period panties , comfy granny panties for a night in, and some for distinctive occasions. Hellooo, date night! Silly nicknames aside, we take underwear very acutely, judging by the money we consume. Industry experts estimate that U. Underwear facts and fiction 1.

Why go commando? Linguistic jokes aside, available commando may actually have some apparent benefits. Due to the differences all the rage male and female genitalia, men after that women experience different benefits from available commando. Going commando for women At this juncture are a few good reasons so as to going commando can be good designed for female genitalia: It reduces the attempt of developing yeast infections Candida , the bacteria responsible for yeast infections , thrives in warm, moist environments. It can help reduce vaginal odor and discomfort When moisture from be afraid and heat are trapped in the genital area by underwear, it be able to start smelling more strongly down around. Skipping underwear can: allow your be afraid to evaporate keep the odors en route for a minimum reduce chafing made inferior by moisture It protects your vulva from injury The labia outside your vagina are made of delicate bandanna similar to that of your lips.

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