Company behind Bell Let's Talk profits off vulnerable inmates through phone deal with jails: lawyer

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An Ottawa lawyer is calling out Call Canada for reaping the PR benefits of its mental health campaign Call Let's Talk while profiting from a few of Ontario's most vulnerable people. That's because the telecommunications giant has an exclusive contract to provide phone services for inmates in provincial jails. Michael Spratt says those calls are restrictively expensive and difficult, preventing inmates, who are often mentally ill, from chat to their counsellors, families or broader support systems. Spratt also obtained documents in that show the provincial administration gets a commission from every accumulate call made from provincial jails. Administer us through this. If you're an inmate in an Ontario jail after that you need to make a buzz call, what do you have en route for do? The first step is not being in segregation or solitary captivity, and that's something that we're as more and more in jails. You have to call someone on a landline. They have to be adept to be there to accept the charges.

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