In Conversation: Buffy Sainte-Marie and Angela Misri

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On her new album, Power in the Blood, there are moments of hard-edged industrial music the title track sounds like Kraftwerk mixed with Nine Inch Nailsplucky country, trip-hop, and one very pretty lullaby sung in Cree, the language of her people. End of story. Sainte-Marie was orphaned, spent her adolescence in Massachusetts, and was reunited with her Cree family in Saskatchewan, Canada, as a young adult. Her album Illuminations, derided at the time for straying from the folk sound with which she was associated, is now recognized as a key moment in the history of electronic music. She was one of the first big artists to work with newly available electronic synthesizers and to apply wild effects to her voice. Illuminations is truly strange—sci-fi in sound, mystical in theme, weird and charming throughout—and if there is a blueprint to a Buffy album, it might be found in this unexpected work. Sainte-Marie, wearing feathers in her hair, spoke with Vogue.

Published by Greystone Books and told as of the point of view of an adopted pet, the book is a gorgeous fusion of her love of music, her adoration of animals, after that the commitment to social good so as to pervades all of her work. We talked about animals, the visual character of music, and the story she is always finding new ways en route for tell. Angela Misri: When I was doing my research on you, I kept being surprised by the array of things you have created. Accordingly, I have to ask, why a picture book? Why now? Buffy Sainte-Marie: Well, songs pop into my advance all the time. This song was in my heart because of the pets. With everybody isolating, I assume some of the most fortunate ancestor are those of us who allow animals, and lots of animals are being adopted these days. And the song has eventuated into the a small amount picture book.

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