Guys Here’s What It’s Actually Like to Be a Woman

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You know what they say though, no risk, no reward. The reason this topic is so controversial is because of the approach far too many guys take. Ever the optimist though, I actually appreciate these guys. They set the bar so incredibly low for the rest of us. Everything else is easy. They fall into that community because they need help with dating and that community can be vocal. Pickup artists seem to think that women are as competitive as men about the size of their package. All of this is to say, stay away from this garbage.

You've probably heard it before—boys love en route for complain about how confusing girls be able to be. But us girls know firsthand that understanding guys can be a minute ago as complicated. In hopes of plateful girls better understand the guy's advantage of view, we surveyed guys a propos a way-worthy topic: you! What accomplish guys wish you knew?

A few girls can't wait for them en route for come and look forward to their arrival as they would their anniversary, first kiss, or a soccer battle. Other girls dread them as a good deal as eating a big plate of Brussels sprouts or changing the fund litter. But most girls have assort feelings and are not quite absolutely why they have them and can you repeat that? to do about them. Boys don't have them, but they're likely en route for be curious about them. What's the mystery subject?