83 Sex-Related Terms You Should Know and Understand

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We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. Even though it's probably been years since you had to race home and Urban Dictionary what what your friends were talking about during study hall, language keeps evolving. Some of these words are slang, some are sexualities, some are positionsand some are kinksbut they're all important to know for exploration and representation. Many of these are abbreviated definitions from their own stand-alone Sexopedia entries to give you an idea, but if you want to learn more, just click on a word to dive deeper. This could look like someone who has once said they are bisexual later coming out as asexual. Allosexual : A sexual orientation that describes someone who experiences any type of sexual attraction to someone or something.

Sexy is most commonly used to depict someone considered sexually attractive, but it gets used in all kinds of other ways. A very similar call for this sense of the dress up is hot, which is very casual and, like sexy, can be objectifying. A perhaps more tasteful way of saying this is simply attractive. Words like gorgeous , beautiful , attractive , and pretty are all old in reference to looks but are less directly tied to sex.

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