Butt seriously: how bottoms became a fitness obsession

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Knowing which butt shape you have can be important because you may not have the butt that you want right now. Knowing where you stand right now, and comparing this to where you want to be, is critical when it comes to setting goals and developing a plan to achieve them. Butts — they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes! Your skeletal structure determines the main framework for your body shape, and the overall shape that you end up with is determined by the distribution of fat and muscle on top of your skeleton. For the butt, the main factor which causes the particular shape of the buttocks is your pelvis, followed by your fat distribution which is largely genetically determined. In general, for most people who do not do specific glute training, muscle does not contribute a lot to butt shape as the glutes are generally underdeveloped in most people. Females and males obviously have very different butt shapes, but this article will focus mainly on the different types of female butt shapes.

Agile lunges As a refresher on how to do a lunge, let's analysis the stationary lunge with dumbbells. Accommodate two dumbbells to the side of your body. Bring one leg accelerate and stand so that you allow good balance. Bend both legs after that allow the dumbbells to bring your body down towards the ground, assembly sure your front knee does not go past your toes. At this time the other knee will about touch the floor; then come ago up. Do all of the reps with one leg forward and after that continue with the second leg. A la mode Extension Hip extension is a advance that I will always include all the rage my pre-contest training or when I want my butt to look its best.

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