How To Keep An Open Mind

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A lot of us spend time daydreaming about things we wish we were doing in life, but most of us always find ways to rationalize why we can't or shouldn't do them. And the sad thing is, trying new things — whether it be traveling to a new place, learning a new skill, or just doing something out of our comfort zone — can actually be really, really good for us. D, said that it is often simple fear that holds us back from experiencing new things, big or small. What if that foreign country is dangerous? If you think about it, most of the things we fear don't actually come to pass. What's more, we're often unable to anticipate the good things that do occur as a result of our trying something new. The bottom line is pretty simple: If we're too afraid to get out of our comfort zones, we may never discover something that we love doing, or perhaps even worse, never learn a whole lot about ourselves. If you're feeling stagnant, or like you want to try new things but just aren't sure how to start, here are seven ways to be more open to new experiences that could help.

Here's a starting point for anyone looking to move outside their comfort district and trying something new or altered. Sure, many of you will allow already experienced some of the suggestions on this list, but the aim here is to get you thinking—a starting point. Others may find a dozen or more items on this list as great ideas. So achieve something here that might stimulate you and get you started. Have an idea that should be added en route for this list? Please comment with your ideas below and keep the banter lively and interesting. September 4, August 9,

As a result of Tara Parker-Pope. In your quest designed for a balanced life, have you abandoned your hobbies? As children, we are experts at finding hobbies. We act sports, take dance and music lessons, collect action figures and spend our days learning everything from languages en route for wood shop. But somewhere on the path to adulthood, we stop trying new things and spend less age on our non-career interests. Use this guide to get inspired, spark your interests and follow your passion toward a new hobby. A large amount of research suggests that how you spend leisure time matters to your health, and that your hobbies are good for you in many behaviour. Ina team of researchers from universities in Kansas, Pittsburgh and Texas published the results of four large studies with a total of 1, participants, including men and women with a choice of health problems, such as upper respiratory illness, arthritis and breast cancer.