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Tags University news When exploring colleges from home, students expect more than monochromatic maps filled with two-dimensional squares and rectangles. They want to picture themselves on campus, interact with their virtual surroundings and zoom in close to get a better look. Bucknell University's all-new virtual campus tour lets students do all that — and more. The interactive experience puts students in control as they explore the University through a carefully detailed three-dimensional rendering of campus. With the pandemic preventing families from visiting every college on their list, the virtual tour is an ideal way to explore the Bucknell campus anytime, from anywhere.

Enabling Experience Driven Commerce Anytime, Anywhere Buyer Expectations in Retail has undergone a distinct transformation as digital has be converted into a more prominent force in the industry. This shift has largely been driven by changing consumer expectations designed for more omnichannel, personalized and engaging buy experiences that moves beyond a austere transaction. In this new retail earth, brands and retailers need to all the time revamp their business models to adjourn relevant and competitive. This requires a focus on experience-driven commerce in which retailers create memorable interactions and shoppable moments for consumers across touchpoints. All the rage order to get down to can you repeat that? consumers expect in their shopping experiences today, Avionos surveyed 1, consumers a propos their online shopping habits, preferences after that expectations in the year ahead. The report uncovers retail trends from a consumer perspective and offers strategic assistance for how a marketer or eCommerce decision maker can gain a aggressive edge. Retailers need to have a digital and physical presence: Nearly two-thirds of consumers 63 percent prefer en route for purchase big-ticket items like electronics before furniture in a store. To ascertain more about how consumer expectations all the rage are driving transformation in the go industry, download the Enabling Experience-Driven Buy Anytime, Anywhere report today! At Avionos, we focus on outcomes, on able to be gauged wins that hit your bottom ancestry within a quarter — things akin to growing revenue, lowering customer acquisition costs, reducing customer churn and tightening buyer loyalty — delivered via pre-configured allied and cloud technologies that work all together from day one.

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