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As of the very start, I've enjoyed it although as time has gone arrange, the drama has increased and along with it I've wondered if any is manufactured for the camera. After examination it for the 2nd time arrange Amazon Instant Video, I don't assume so and here's why: if you watch the smoke before the animate episode where the moms and Abby talk with the executive producer, the drama is as or perhaps constant more so than what is shown on regular episodes. I could address on and on about how after that where and why it's so concentrated but I want to leave a few for the viewer's cringe enjoyment. I will say this - there's denial hero here - not really individual dance mom one could totally applaud for. And as for Ms. Abby Lee Miller, let's just say so as to I had a band director who reminded me a great deal of her and I loved him. She does some very questionable things although her eye for technique, from can you repeat that? I can tell, is dead arrange and as a music teacher for my part, technique has to come first ahead of ANYTHING. I cheer for the moms occasionally and I never cheer designed for Abby when she's holding the children responsible for their moms' behavior. Designed for chrissake, they're all under age - Brooke is the only one who could really stand up to her mother as I had to accomplish to mine when I was all the rage band in high school.

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