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From conference calls to video conferencing, your best bet is Cisco Webex. This audio and web conferencing tool is available to all MIT faculty, students, and staff at no cost. If you opt for a video call, the service provides multiple viewing modes, including full screen, multiple feed, or side-by-side with screen sharing. Create a meeting The Webex interface lets you schedule a meeting, invite attendees, set duration, and specify whether a meeting is recurring. Call into a meeting Remote team members can join audio meetings using their phone or the microphone on their computer. Multiple team members can call in to the same meeting. Share your screen With Webex, a designated presenter in the meeting can share his or her screen with the rest of the team.

You know exercise is important, but can you repeat that? about stretching? Does stretching take a back seat to your exercise routine? Not so fast. Stretching may advantage you: Improve your joint range of motion Improve your athletic performance Cut your risk of injury Understand why stretching can help and how en route for stretch correctly. Benefits of stretching Studies about the benefits of stretching allow had mixed results. Some research shows that stretching doesn't reduce muscle discomfort after exercise, and other studies act that lengthening the muscle and holding the stretch immediately before a dash may slightly worsen performance. However, delve into has shown that stretching can advantage improve flexibility, and, consequently, the array of motion of your joints. Advance flexibility may: Improve your performance all the rage physical activities Decrease your risk of injuries Help your joints move all the way through their full range of motion Allow your muscles to work most actually Stretching also increases blood flow en route for the muscle.

July 16, Adam Sardinha As a academy student, traveling business professional or a big cheese simply living a busy life, accomplishment to the gym can sometimes appear like an overwhelming commitment. Luckily, but you apply the right strategy, a living room or a backyard can be all you need to achieve your fitness goals. The following catalogue of bodyweight exercises do not call for going to the gym or application equipment. Plank — While they can have lost some of their pop-culture appeal since the days of viral planking videos, this is a adaptable exercise that can be done everywhere and fits nicely with every brand of workout. Targeting the deep basic muscles, this exercise is great designed for anyone looking to strengthen their midsection. The added strength in your basic will also reduce lower back ache and stress on your spine as a result of adding more stability and poise en route for your natural posture. In addition en route for these benefits the increased core asset, planking will increase your flexibility after that balance. Push Up — Arguably individual of the best body weight exercises, push ups have many of the core-strengthening benefits of a plank although add significant upper body appeal after that muscle endurance, targeting the chest, shoulders and triceps. Some fitness experts accusation that if you were to decide only one exercise to do designed for the rest of your life so as to this is the one to attempt with.

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