From Insomnia To Sexsomnia Unlocking The 'Secret World' Of Sleep

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We tend to think of being dead or awake as an either-or prospect: If you're not asleep, then you must be awake. But sleep ailment specialist and neurologist Guy Leschziner says it's not that simple. As advance of the sleep disorders center by Guy's Hospital in London, Leschziner has treated patients with a host of nocturnal problems, including insomnia, night terrors, narcolepsy, sleep walking, sleep eating after that sexsomnia, a condition in which a person pursues sexual acts while dead. He writes about his experiences all the rage his book The Nocturnal Brain. Leschziner notes that the different parts of the brain aren't always in the same stage of sleep at the same time. When this happens, an individual might order a pizza before go out for a drive — while technically still being fast dead. We used to think that ancestor don't really remember anything that occurs in this stage.

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