10 surprising things sabotaging your sex life

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We call it love. But the most exhilarating of human emotions is merely nature's way of keeping the human species alive and reproducing. Wielding an irresistible cocktail of chemical love potions, our body entices us into unwittingly playing the mating game. And science is beginning to discover just how manipulative nature can be. In this eye-opening journey into the world of twenty-first century dating, we'll find that there's a chemical mating system for every stage of love-from lust, to romance, and ultimately to long-term commitment. And most of the time we're completely unaware of what's driving us on. We believe we're choosing a partner.

It seems your sex drive has just…vanished. The horny guy that used en route for be you, gone. Read on en route for find out if one of them is to blame for your be deficient in of desire and discover how en route for get it back—stat. Ditch your after everyone else night, ahem, movie habit and alarm clock some extra time with your bolster instead. Testosterone is also vital en route for increasing strength, muscle massand bone density—all the more reason to aim designed for seven and a half hours of shut-eye per evening. Strange but true: Your fast food habit may be to blame for your nonexistent femininity life.

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At the same time as more and more Australians go all the way through adulthood desperate and dateless, Catalyst asks, can science provide clues on how to release the Romeo and Juliet that lies within us all. All the rage this episode, three human guinea pigs are put through their paces all the rage the lab of love. We achieve out if pheromones the smells of desire can really turn on the partner of your dreams; whether alarm is the ultimate aphrodisiac; and whether the body often says what the lips would never dare to mention? There's a lot of fun after that a few anxious moments as we pull out all the stops all the rage getting our subjects the dates they so desperately desire. Whose dreams bidding reign supreme? And who gets the Prince Charming or the Princess Absolute they've always dreamed of? Narration: Assemble three of Australia's estimated 4. They're part of the fastest growing demographic in the country

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