How many hours does it take to be fluent in English?

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August 2, I think it also comes down to which kind of personality you have - there are couples which speak the same language yet barely talk with each other anyway as they don't feel the need to. Other couples have fine tuned their non-verbal communication - I remember my grandparents communicating a lot through gestures and expressions. But they did have also a spoken language on common, and would spend every evening having long conversations with each other before going to sleep. For me, not knowing a spoken language in common sounds very challenging. It might be romantic in the beginning of the relationship during the initial infatuation but with time I would miss a certain connection. Even in a situation where I speak a language in common with my spouse - I do find sometimes that I miss the ability to communicate in my language and we both are very limited in communicating with our extended families. On the brigther side of things - not sharing a language in common means also that you don't understand what your mother in-law is saying. Which depending on her personality, might be a blessing!

A propos sharing Immigrants are always being told by politicians to learn the dialect. But how long does it abide to speak good English? There are plenty of people in the UK for whom even basic English is a problem. According to the Ballot, people in England and Wales alleged they could not speak English able-bodied, and anothersaid they did not address it at all. Ling, 40, who arrived five years ago from Best china, found it difficult to learn English. It took me longer to ascertain as I was very busy along with the children.

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