Answers From a Hot Girl: Why Do Hot Girls Sleep With Ugly Guys?

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Every man worth his salt wants to be a stud in the sack. Try these low-key-but-effective moves if you're not into being raunchy. The problem: You come home after thinking about sex all day and try to stick your penis in her right away. She, on the other hand, has not been thinking about sex. You may be ready to go the second you get home, but you have to remember, sex is mostly mental for women. They have to be warmed up, physically and mentally. Then when you get home kiss and caress her before you start taking her clothes off. Just like nothing is sexier than a woman who enjoys giving a blow job, nothing is sexier than a man who enjoys giving oral pleasure. Maybe you chat with her for a bit before falling asleep.

Q: How do how women end ahead with older, unfortunate-looking men? Personality is king. Or how about a child who barely caught your eye by first, but became incredibly sexy afterwards a good conversation? And all of those qualities are impossible to crack from physical appearance alone.

Accordingly you've been dating your guy designed for a while or hey, maybe 10 minutes and now it's the flash of truth What's he thinking at the same time as the lights go low? You can assume you know what's running all the way through the male brain, but believe us, you have no idea. While you're obsessing about leg stubble and trying to remember if your bra after that panties match, a guy's dirty attend to is all over the map. Cosmo grilled a bunch of men designed for the raw details on what he's really thinking the first time you get it on. You don't absence her to open the closet after that say, 'What the hell is a dried-up spaghetti dish doing on the floor? Do I have candles after that incense and flowers?