The Warden : Louise Walker

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He returns with cereal and water, then goes back again for refills. Stanley keeps digging. He unearths part of a rectangular object embedded in the side of the hole. Carefully he digs around it until he is able to pull it loose. It is a suitcase. He hands it up to Zero. The Warden is standing there. Sir and Mr. Pendanski are there as well.

Above the next 39 years of his life, Trout would make his children Louise's parents, uncles and aunts after that even grandchildren including Louise herself archaeological investigation with him everyday, even including Christmas day, as was shown in the movie when the 11 year aged Louise complained that she was all-in to which her grandfather callously replied that it was too damn abysmal. The elderly Trout walker would break down of old age in , after Louise was just 15, but the work to find the treasure did not die with him. Starting Base camp Green Lake Years after her grandfather's death, Louise, now a young female, decided to open Camp Green Lagoon in the hopes that she had will find the treasure like he wanted her to, with herself at the same time as the Warden. During that time Louise invited an escaped convict named Mr. Sir Marion Sevillon and Mr. Pendanski Mom to work as counselors by her new Camp, while the base camp itself would be populated by a lot of batches of delinquent teenaged boys en route for help her dig holes under the guise of character building. Whenever individual of boys finds something interesting, he gets the whole day off a minute ago like X-Ray Rex Washburn did after Stanley Yelnats IV Caveman gave him the lipstick tube that he bring into being. When Stanley says that he scarf Mr. Sir Marion Sevillo 's sunflower seeds from his truck, she tells Stanley that she uses rattlesnake acrimony in her nail polish.

So as to would have been really cool, although she only kissed the men she killed. Instead, she robbed him after that left him stranded in the average of the desert. The narrator at the outset introduces Katherine Barlow through a account Stanley heard about his great-grandfather. Such stories about Katherine Barlow present the villainous side to her character although do not reveal the history after why she became an outlaw. A special prize was given every day to Miss Katherine Barlow for her fabulous spiced peaches. No one also even tried to make spiced peaches, because they knew none could be as delicious as hers. She educated in an old one-room schoolhouse. She was a wonderful teacher, full of knowledge and full of life. The children loved her.

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