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By statute, APS is designated to provide for the protection of elderly and disabled adults who are at risk for abuse, neglect, or exploitation. APS is specifically charged with the duty to investigate reports of elder abuse and neglect, and to provide protective services when necessary. These protective services are provided to the elderly and disabled persons by community resources and the legal system. Big Sky Senior Services has established a Christmas Fund consisting of monies donated by community individuals and businesses at Christmas time. Over the past year we have used this fund to purchase emergency supplies for homeless clients, temporary emergency housing, winter clothing, medication co-pays, food costs, haircuts, etc. This past year has greatly reduced this fund. We would appreciate donations to replenish this resource for our clients. Each year, Empty Stockings gives readers a way to connect with struggling families around Billings. The profiles are real, but the names have been changed to protect the identities of those who need your help.

Tweets by DSQJournal. The mass media act an important role in socialisation after that influence the construction of meaning. They shape the way people perceive the world around them. Many people allow no contact with disabled people accordingly gain their knowledge of disability as of the mass media. It therefore becomes important understand how the media affect reality. This paper uses aspects of semiotics to examine the construction of meaning and some of the signs, symbols, and icons of disability description with particular emphasis on the connection of sexuality and disability on the silver screen. Comparisons are drawn amid negative and positive portrayals of femininity involving disabled characters.