Instagram is supposed to be friendly. So why is it making people so miserable?

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Apartment List Renter Migration Report: Q3 The table below shows the metros with the most inbound and outbound cross-metro searches this quarter. On the left are the ten metros with the highest share of residents searching to move away to a different metro; on the right are the ten metros with the highest share of inbound searches coming from users who currently live in a different metro. Together, these stats show which places are growing in popularity and attracting interest from renters across the country, and which areas renters are ready to move on from. And in the case of San Jose, Raleigh, and Austin specifically, the places that are experiencing high turnover with many renters considering moving both in and out. In San Jose and Raleigh specifically, the cross-metro rate exceeds 50 percent for both outbound and inbound searches. These regions stand out as technology hubs heavily disrupted by the remote work revolution.

Instagram Instagram is supposed to be affable. So why is it making ancestor so miserable? Should everyone just ban scrolling? And pancakes. And strawberries. The social network is a notorious breeding ground of abusive strangers hurling abuse by other abusive strangers, who then altogether occasionally come together to bully a celebrity off the internet over a few minor failing, such as being a woman in a Star Wars big screen.

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